Carolyn Jean

Tabi and Sammy

Featuring makeup artistry by Tasha Gendron.

Baylie and Matt


We Speak NY - Gigi

One of my favorite things about photographing new faces is the opportunity to meet people and hear their stories, especially when they're really cool--Gigi's background is in cyber security and penetration testing, so I think we checked that box right away. I took a break from the usual color-packed styling and tried something more laid back, and it worked out really well. We went with a glossy eye and bold red lip, partially because I still wanted a statement element, and partially because it just made sense with Gigi's personality. We had a little edge, a little weird, and a little whimsy! I loved playing around with the evening sun and pretty flowers.

Gigi is signed with We Speak NY and can be found at @gigigibyte on Instagram.

Happy Birthday, Marin!

I've had the pleasure of working with Marin a few times this year. Get this: she's a vintage clothing enthusiast, fashion stylist, soon to be published makeup artist, and model signed with We Speak NY. During our first shoot, she and I both were on the shy side, making small talk and sharing stories about our past creative work and goals for future projects. As it turns out, our styles mesh well together, and so do our personalities, and she became a good friend. I had just enough time after a long day of filming to swing by her weekend staycation destination and snap some quick photos in a short window of time before my camera battery died. Luckily for me, this girl knows her angles, (and at this point, so do I) and our 20 minutes of chaos were worth it!

Happy birthday, Angel! I am so honored to call you a friend. May your 20th year bring growth to your business and light to your life.


If you haven't yet, check out Marin's creative ventures on Instagram at @mostlycolorsandglitter for makeup artistry and modeling and @sincerelymarin for custom clothing and *adorable* scrunchies. You can thank me later. She's definitely one to watch.